My name is Scott Phelan. HuntingPup is a personal blog I started to share my passion for hunting dogs. I didn’t grow up in a hunting household, but I grew up in a small community with hunting in its roots and plenty of friends to draw me into the sport and just enough mentors to allow me some success. Learning about hunting, learning about dogs, and learning about dog training is not easy without good resources and I’m hoping this site can be one to those who are new and trying to break into the sport. There might even be a few nuggets in here for the old-timers as well.

I am a strong proponent of NAVHDA and owe a lot of my hunting dog and dog training knowledge to the organization, judges and chapter members I have had the great fortune to get to know as I bounced around the US with my pups at my side.

3% for Conservation

This site monetizes through a number of methods you can read about on the disclaimer page. We will donate 3% of profits to a select group of non-profits that champion hunting and hunting causes. You can read more about our 3% for conservation pledge here.